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Taking Things Just a Step Further


I have recently been trying to brainstorm some ways to not necessarily stay organized- I consider myself a naturally organized person- but more a way to generate some kind of accountability to get things done for my business. I have recently been listening to a podcast called “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” in which she and her sister discuss various ways to make you life happier. They essentially discuss life hacks that they or some of their listeners have suggested for how to “DE clutter” your life both figuratively and literally. Gretchen does a lot of talking about her four tendencies from her recent book of the same name. That being said, many of the questions they discuss sent in from readers are about how others are asking them to help hold them accountable in order to get tasks done. As I have been listening to the podcast and hearing the discussions, I have realized how burdensome this is for some people- some people, not all; I am aware some people live for this kind of thing- so I decided I would develop a method for getting tasks done, but not burdening someone else with a “check up” to see if these tasks were accomplished.

What did I do? I sat down in my new office, and I made a goals list of new avenues that I would like The Complete Ensemble to take in order to get more attention and generate more sales. These goals included things from being more diligent about blogging every week to eventually having our own “talk show” of sorts. Obviously all of this cannot be accomplished at one time, but the small steps will get you to bigger places. After I made the goals list, I pinned it to my bulletin board, studied it, and evaluated what goals could feasibly be accomplished right now. I then bought a week tablet (see insert below for clarification) and planned out what I would do every day in order to accomplish these “right now” goals. Those workable goals include: scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts to our business page every week, scheduling Facebook ads every week, blogging weekly, sending out a weekly e-mail to those customers signed up for our mailing list, and my newest goal… writing a weekly article to be published on our business Facebook and Twitter pages.

Rather than look at everything as a whole, and immediately get overwhelmed because I would also immediately shut down and do nothing, I decided to break apart the pieces. Some things I knew would not take quite as long, so I scheduled them for one day. Other objectives, like the article every week, is a different beast. Thus, there is a little bit of work scattered throughout the week. So far, it has worked like a charm. Little motivating mantras such as “No Matter What” and “Keep Doing It Anyway” also line my bulletin board above my desk for added motivation when things seem tough or as though they are not working. I have been blessed to find a way for me in order to achieve my goals for my business, and I hope this has inspired you to take some added steps as well.

All of this being said, I will be publishing my first series article entitled “Haute Realist Issue 1” on Friday March 30, 2018 by 3:00 pm central time. You can find it via Facebook at
or via Twitter

– Ashlie R. Lawson- Franey

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