6 Ways To Tie A Scarf

How many of you out there like the look of scarves, but you don’t think you can pull them off for one reason or another? Then this is the article for you. I am going to give you 6 ways to wear an infinity scarf, specifically. I will also describe how and where you should wear each one. I sincerely hope you find an option that works for you, and that you give wearing a scarf a shot as they are no longer just for warmth; but, also used as a fashion accessory. Sometimes you can even use then to serve both purposes!

The Accessory  

To wear your infinity scarf this way, all you have to do is simply put the scarf around your neck. You can wear a scarf this to add a color pop to an outfit that has neutral tones such as white, black, nude, and gray. A bright color or one with a bold print would be best for this option. The object of this look is to do exactly as the name says- wear it as an accessory. This personally is not my favorite way to wear an infinity scarf as they tend to be made too long for my liking with this look, but it is the perfect scarf beginner induction.

The Double Wrap

The Double Wrap is my absolute favorite way to wear an infinity scarf. I have been known to tie together the ends of regular scarves too just to wear the scarf this way. To get this look, wrap the scarf around your neck twice, and fluff it out. This look is perfect for Spring and Fall when you are uncertain what the weather is going to do. Having the scarf doubled up, it will keep you warm enough around your neck in case there’s a little too much wind than what you dressed for that day. You can also wear this look if you have a blouse you love, but it is a little bit more low cut than what you are comfortable with. Therefore, completely covering your chest, so you don’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction all day. When I was working while in college, we used to have to wear polos with the company logo on it, and wearing a scarf this way was a nice way to turn my work uniform into something that would give it my own personal flair as well.

The Pseudo Shawl

Have an elegant evening planned such as a nice dinner, date night, attending a play, or going to a banquet? This is the option for you. When you go to these events, you could never know what the temperature will be like in those restaurants, theatres, banquets halls, etc. An infinity scarf is the solution to the temperature issue as a regular jacket is bulky, and completely ruins the appeal of your look. And, let’s face it, we know you worked hard to put that look together. All you have to do to get this look is hold the infinity scarf lengthwise behind your neck. Stick your arms upwards through the scarf.Then, fan the scarf out to cover your shoulders, and cover your back. The nice thing about wearing your scarf this way is that you can adjust it to cover as much or as little of your arms and back as you would like.


The Pull Through

The Pull Through is simple to accomplish. All you have to do is hold the scarf lengthwise behind you neck, and pull one side through the middle of the other side. This look is perfect for the cold days. Wear your scarf in this style if you are wearing your pea coat or other coat buttoned up so that the scarf fits easily inside your coat. The opening at the top of your coat, where there are buttons or zippers, will stay warm and prevent your coat from looking too bulky.

The Hood

How many of you are avid runners? Well I am, and this look is wonderful for the morning runs when it is still chilly out. Or, even if it just windy in general. To get this look, simply go through the same steps you did for the Double Wrap. Once you have that part done, pull the scarf so that it spreads out to cover your head as well as hangs down the back of your neck to prevent the chill from getting in. Fortunately, your hair will do a good job of helping it stay in place while you run.


The Tight Double Wrap

To achieve this look, follow the steps for the Double Wrap. Once you have the Double Wrap in place, simply pull down one side until the other side is up close around your neck. Please don’t pull it too tight. You do still want to be able to breathe. This look goes well if you are trying to stay warm and be cute at the same time. With this look do not be afraid to wear bold colors, and funky prints. Wear it when you have on long sleeves with nothing really covering your neck. The part around your neck will help keep you warm while the long end will be the accessory factor. Isn’t it always fun when fashion can serve a dual purpose?

Some of these looks can be worn all year ‘round while other are only a once in a while look. I hope as you have been reading this that you have been getting super excited thinking about all the outfits you can create, and accessorize them with a scarf. Be brave, and give it a try. You never know what you can pull off until you try it yourself. If you usually or have worn scarves before, I encourage you to try a new look just to see how it goes. Have fun with your fashion.

-Ashlie Lawson- Franey  

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